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Our Story

Streal Studio was officially formed in June 2022

by gathering several teams of professionals in their respective fields, previously the Streal Studio existed and was created in June 2021, and was named Groweb Studio.
Streal Studio
Streal Studio

Groweb Studio (Now Streal Studio) has a 2-person team consisting of a UI/UX Designer and a WordPress Developer

who focuses on working on website design projects, but over time the team that was built at the start is no longer consistent.

Satria Arif, as CEO of Streal Studio at the time of Groweb Studio’s discontinuation, tried an opportunity to sell design templates to various well-known marketplaces such as Envato. Starting from just trying, it turns out that there are quite a lot of market needs related to the first product that was made, so Satria took the initiative to make it the main goal of Streal Studio, namely to produce many products that can help a lot of Freelancers, Businessmen and Personals.

And now Streal Studio was born

the result of rebranding and changing the business model of Groweb Studio, but we don’t only produce products, but we also open design and website services.

Our Vision

Helping entreprenuers to get steps to run a business quickly & effectively.

Our Mission

We create ready-made templates that are not only for design, but also a guide for building a business.

Our Pillars
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Our Pillars

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We are committed to make sure the originality of a product or project to create value for the business. Starting from research, design, copywriting, content writing, and etc.

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Quality is an important element in making a product or providing services to prospective clients/customers. Therefore, we are committed to making quality products or providing services according to market needs and business needs.

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We use agile scrum for culture and work environment so that performance becomes effective & efficient.

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Keeping consistent is harder than starting. We try to be as consistent as possible in every aspect, from the products we work on, the goals we achieve, to the relationships we work with.

Our Team

Behind of Streal Studio

Icon Creative People

Satria Arif

Product Manager & UI/UX Designer

Faisal Ridwan

Wordpress Developer & UI Designer

Faza Ilham

Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer